SDP is owned and operated by three women with decades of professional experience in traditional and digital publishing; audio and video production and post-production; research, writing, and editing services for private- and public-sector clients; program development and project management; and teaching writing, editing, literature, film, and gender studies at the college level.


Julie Drew
Acquisitions & Editorial

Julie is a YA and children's fiction author with 20 years' experience writing, editing, publishing, and teaching popular culture, and gender & film. She earned her PhD in writing studies, and is Professor of English at The University of Akron in Ohio.

Casey is a writer, researcher, and teacher with 10 years' experience in non-profit work and project design & management. She earned her M.A. in English and is the Lead Research Analyst for Women’s Network in Akron, OH.

Casey Shevlin
Operations & Editorial

Marlia is a writer, editor, and producer with 10 years' experience in public speaking, client services, animation, and voice & post-production work. She earned a M.A. in English and is VP of Content Strategy & Marketing for Impresiv Health.

Marlia Weisse
Marketing & Digital Production

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